Surf Kauai

Aloha Surfcam focuses on the Poipu surf location known as “PKs”, a popular summer time reef break. Despite all the great surfing on Kauai there are very few surf webcams. Instead surfers rely on surf reports, the “coconut wireless”, and simply driving around to check out conditions. Many places including PKs often experience fun, surf-able conditions even when the surf forecast predicts no waves. This is when a webcam comes in really handy.

The following guide will give you an idea of the best surf spots on Kauai. The south shore is flat during the winter and active during the summer. The north shore is the opposite – it has waves during the winter. This is because large swells are generated by winter storms in the northern or southern hemisphere. The swells travel thousands of miles before making landfall on northern or southern coasts.

The east and west shores can experience wrap-around surf depending on the location and orientation of the break. Eastern shores are prone to wind waves. If you’re planning a surf vacation please contact us. We’ll be able to offer advice and set you up with great accommodations. Also, the following guide gives a great introduction to Kauai including help deciding where to stay.